The Craft

The craft might best be described as the magic place where new ideas get mixed together with traditional materials and processes. Often, and without trying, we see old things in new ways, we see familiar things differently. These great moments can only happen in the studio, and you have to be there to coax it along.

Ten years ago my goal for Derby Pottery and Tile was to create a workshop /studio and showroom in which to make and sell my products. I have always loved and collected “Things with some history”. These things needed special qualities to be in the collection. As the collection moved several times with my career changes, it was pared down to the essential elements. Just the things that piqued my interest were kept around.

Overwhelmingly, it was Architectural salvage that remained well represented in the collection. Then a great thing happened. The collection was moving to New Orleans, Louisiana - The antique furniture and architectural salvage capital.

Once in New Orleans, the collecting continued, and the studio took shape. The first 5 years were in an industrial warehouse. I was also quite committed to my new appointment as a professor at Tulane University. Teaching has always been a component of my professional practice. In time the tile business established itself. Since 2000, the business has thrived in a storefront studio in the historic destination shopping area of New Orleans named simply "Magazine Street ."

The pottery and tile we produce today is generated from the greatest examples from my years of collecting architectural salvage and ephemera. The Patterns used on my tile is the exact same pattern that was used on my circa 1890 Late Victorian bi-fold hinged dressing screen. New discoveries are ongoing and welcomed.